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Hello, I am Deborah Krueger, author, gratitude coach and motivational speaker. My personal discovery of the "power of gratitude" changed my life profoundly. In my first book, "LET'S PLAY GRATITUDE! With Life's Sticky Issues," I share what I learned in an engaging game-like learning experience designed to overcome seemingly overwehlming personal circumstances. In this first book I set out to empower readers to make new choices when faced with "sticky issues" — and, how to avoid getting stuck in negative emotions. At that time I also realized that, in particular, kids today are facing many of the same challenging issues as adults, often without recognition or options for self-direction.

My second book, "The Red Pencil, a Dragon’s Tooth, & the Lost Treasure! A Gratitude Club Adventure," was written to fulfill that need. I wrote this book with the hope that it will help kids deal with the challenges of growing up fast in the real world. They also discover the "power of gratitude" and share what they’ve learned with their parents.

As a result of my motivational speaking and work in my community, I have been sought out by individuals for personal "Gratitude Coaching" when they face "sticky issues" of their own.

Gratitude Coaching [PDF]

Find ‘blessings in disguise’ for your own sticky issues through personal coaching. Gratitude coaching empowers you with my proven tools and techniques. You will learn my simple easy-to-use HALO Process to turn your darkness into light. We can then create customized ‘Gratitude Games’ for you to play anytime, using the ‘power of gratitude’ to enhance what you’ve learned.

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